Terms of use


Owner - the party which offers services by giving access to the website at einvoices.no. The Owner of the website is also its Administrator.
User - a natural or legal person of age who has full capacity to perform acts in law, represents a company and acts on its behalf.
Website - the service offered at einvoices.no

Terms of use and Principles of Liability:

  1. Before using the services of the Website the User is obliged to read and accept the Terms of Use.
  2. The services of the Website are available on the Internet.
  3. One User shall have one account and shall not give access to the account to third parties. The Administrator is not liable for any damage caused as a result of giving access to the account to third parties by the User.
  4. Each User is entitled to look into his own data.
  5. For the purposes of Website operation it is necessary to process the data given at registration. The Website collects the data of other entities when such data is inserted into the system by the Users.
  6. The User agrees to receive offers and other information sent by the Website.
  7. The User agrees to have the data given at registration processed for the purposes of Website operation. (debt recovery firms included) and for marketing purposes.
  8. Any comments, complaints or suggestions can be made via email which can be found in the Contact section.
  9. The User is obliged to pay every month the invoices for services which will appear in the Payments tab. Failing to do so may result in blocking the account and having the debt recovered by a debt recovery firm.
  10. From May 2004 invoices will bear a KID number, which has to be given while making the payment. A charge of 10NOK will be added for KID handling.

Although we did our best to ensure full functioning of all the functions of the Website and to make it conform to all the applicable laws, the Administrator does not guarantee system functioning. The data on the invoice, particularly the amount due, should be verified before the invoice is printed and sent. The User is solely responsible for the accuracy of information on the invoice. As the Terms of Use can by changed at any time, the User is obliged to follow such changes.

Registering on the website ( creating an account ) and using other functions of the Website means you accept the Terms of Use.

Legal notice

The content of the Website is a property of the Author and is protected by law. The Owner is not liable for any errors, incomplete or obsolete information. The Owner is not liable for any damage suffered by the Users or third parties in relation to using the system. The User assumes the risk resultant from using the Website.